When do I need a customized safe?

When do I need a customized safe?



Today there is a wide range of standard safes in the market, which usually fit most sizes and features in the most common situations.


Built-in safes for domestic and commercial use. These models are specially designed to be inserted into walls or partitions, located in areas of confidential access.


Safes for domestic and commercial use. Models anchored through screws, placed without the need of masonry. Specially designed to be placed in built-in cabinets or similar spaces.

However, it is very common in some specific cases that standard products do not meet the needs of the customer, so that is when we plan to develop a tailor-made safe.


Tailor-made safes are manufactured according to the requirements of each customer. Everything can be customized: dimensions, features, closure systems, compartments, double-and false-bottom storage…etc.





Usually when the need arises, a customized safe is a very good solution and a great investment for small and medium-sized businesses.
A customized safe: yes, but at what price?

Tailor-made safes can be a little bit more expensive but it’s worth it.

At Caixes Puigvert, we are totally oriented to the design and production of tailor-made safes. Show us your idea and we will plan it and do it. The best solution begins with a thorough assessment of your needs. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

Have a look at our website Customized Projects , and check out how we can help you.





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