Safes for domestic and commercial use. Anchored using self-tapping screws, they are placed without any building work. Ideal to be placed in built-in closets or similar spaces.


Safes built according to the needs of each customer. Special dimensions and features, customizable in terms of size, locking systems, compartments, false bottoms, etc. No minimum number of units (for ordering).


Wall safes for domestic and commercial use. Designed to be installed in walls, placed in confidential access areas.


Custom made

Despite the wide variety of standard products on the market, it is common for our clients to have specific requirements which are not met by off-the-shelf options.

Why do I need a custom-made safe?

When the standard models on the market cannot meet my requirements.

Is a custom-made safe expensive?

In many cases, it is the best solution and a good investment for both small and medium-sized businesses.

The construction of a custom-made safe could increase its price but the additional cost is reasonable and justifiable in the long run.

Security and Custom-made Safes

We can guarantee that the security level of a custom-made safe is equal or greater than a standard safe of similar characteristics.



Tell us what you need and design your own specific safe.

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